Sabtu, 22 Disember 2007

Red Is My Color

Ambil dari sini. Kewl!!

You are Red Tiger who is friendly and cheerful person.
You tend to be straight forward, and are kind and generous to others.
Generally speaking you are philanthropist, and you possess feminine attraction that makes men turn around.
When you are young, you have gentle and pure atmosphere, but as you get older, you start to show individuality.
Your personality will turn into someone who likes taking care of people, tolerant, and bold.
Unlike your friendly outlook, you have rational mind, and can even observe your parent objectively and coolly.
You don't like to be adventurous, and prefer to lead consistent life.
But you hold great ideals.
You don't try to act actively, and keeps your own pace.
You are not influenced by emotions, and can live life with perseverance.
Your weakness is that you tend to be inconsistent and lack responsibility.
You can stand on top of people and look after the others.
You have great talent in making the atmosphere lively and cheerful.
You dislike being given instructions and told what to do.
After getting married you will create a warm family, but you will still like to work outside too.

Tapi mesti ingat, sifat manusia ini berubah-ubah. Yang diatas mungkin hanya sifat-sifat asas sahaja. Kita sendiri tahu had mana kemampuan dan keupayaan kita. Aku memang suka push myself to limit. Cuma kadang-kadang malas selalu menghalang kita berjaya. Ha.. itu sifat-sifat yang perlu diubah tu! ;-) Hihi.


Tok Rimau 24 Disember 2007 1:26 PTG  

Come on la. I am the tiger.

You kena cari identiti sendiri. Tidak perlu jadi klon Tok R atau Siti.

Ha ha ha.

Amy Z! 25 Disember 2007 3:34 PG  

Tok : Hahahahahahaha. Mana saya tahuu.. dah keluar result dia begitu.. :-p

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