Rabu, 22 Februari 2006

Self Motivated

I'm Self-Motivated~ Ehehe. No matter how bad they treat me, I'm only sad for awhile. That moment you will see me angry/sad or all nonsense words that I've write down on my status/blog. Few minute ater that I will cool & be happy again. Do crazy things. Happy-happy. Till others will look back at me like "Budak ni tak betul ke?"~ Ahaha. Biarla. Insya Allah aku tak kan sakitkan hati orang. :-)

Today, I recieved an email from my officer ask me to go to Linux OS course. Not that I dont want to go. But I already went 2 courses of Linux before. Plus the systems under me have nothing to do with Linux. Ask la people yang jaga sistem yang ada kena-mengena dengan Linux. Ape ke bodoh punya officer, aku pun tak tau. Then I reply back said, Not that I dont want to go, but give this opportunity to others~

I know she not read my email yet. I have no idea what her response to my email. But I will think positively to any response from her later. ;-)

Maybe the way I look a bit rough and hard to please, that's why I never get any pleasant from anybody in my organization~ so, what? Go and kiss someone else's ass. I'm not that type of person. :-)


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