Jumaat, 23 Disember 2005

Long Weekend, Holiday and Happy New Year.

Today was the last day for me being in the office in this unit, in this year. Yeah, my last day! By next week, I have to attend course from 27 – 30 Dec. And by next year, I will be transfer to unit system again. :-s

(:| Actually I’m kind of bored to work in this environment. I’m ambitious person. And ambitious person can’t work with passive environment. Because I doing my task so intensely, but then other people @ teamwork give me the cynical look and not do their work accurately which is really make me feel down. :-(

No matter which unit I’m working at, the people, environment and attitude still the same. :-|

Since today is the last day I'm here with internet connection, I take this opportunity to wish all of you Happy Holiday and Happy New Year. May Allah always bless you guys.

Owh, I almost forget. See you at Geng Jurnal Gathering next year! ;-)


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