Jumaat, 26 Ogos 2005


There are so many chances that I've left behind and missed. But, this is the opportunity that I never want to let go. This is the start. It will make my dream come true. Insya Allah.

Last week, about 2 nights in row, I had dream about pool, pool that full with water that I swam in it. My mom said, if dream about water, it bring luck or good fortune. I didn’t know it’s true or not, but it’s quite true actually. BUT, it doesn’t come like fall in front of me from the sky just like that. I have to get it when door of chances is open. The door is open. It’s up to me to go there and get it or turn back.

Me? I’m going take all the chances, the risk and I’m going to change my life. Insya Allah.

My dreams come true accordingly. 1st, my 1st writing will be publish soon – Jiwa Kacau. 2nd, I currently learn facial and make-up to be the beauty consultant. 3rd, 4th and so on will come after I’ve succeed becoming beauty consultant. :-) Insya Allah. I try my best.

And friends, please pray for me. Thank you. :-)


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