Khamis, 12 Mei 2005

What Girl Want?

11.05pm, guy and gal were chatting happily, when guy uncontrollably yawns

bad example
gal :(sounding out): you feeling sleeping??
guy: yeah, tired from work...
gal :(sounds concern): ok, shan't disturb u, go and sleep lah
guy: ok, you have an early nite too..
guy hangs up the phone. 5 min later, guy awaken by the phone rings,
guy: hello?
gal: .............
guy: who's this?
gal : (feeling unjust): you felt very bothered by me is it?
guy (confused): huh? what?
gal: .............
guy: why? what happened?
gal: you find me very bothersome is it?
guy: bothersome? why you said this??
gal: ..............
guy: what's the matter? how i would know if you dun say it out?
gal: we are chatting halfway, and you yawn, and went off to sleep...
guy: b...but, you are the one who ask me to go to sleep...
gal: you already said want to sleep already, what else u want me to say?
guy: haiz... if you wanna chat, just say so... what for tell me to go sleep, and feeling unhappy in the end?
gal: since when i'm unhappy?
guy: isn't this unhappy? ok ok, i won't sleep the next time, will that do?
gal: what's the point? i want you to chat with me willingly, and not because afraid that i will be unhappy...

in the end, guy spend another time comforting gal, actual sleep time is 11.40 pm, plus the earlier argument, he did not have a good sleep. what worse is the gal may argue with the same thing again the next day.

Sample : How d guys suppose to be towards d girls is as below n see the results
gal (sounding out): you feeling sleepy?
guy (tired vocal, but sound interested) : abit, tired from work. but you have not finished talking, carry on, i will be listening.
gal (felt consoled): orh, but since you are tired, go and sleep then (still sounding out)
never fall into the trap and hang up the phone
guy: there's no afternoon break today, indeed more tiring. how abt i give u a call tomorrow morning. let's chat awhile more ok?
(tells the reason, and offer make up measure)
gal: oh ok. go and sleep now, you must be tired.
gal is willing to let guy go sleep, but guy must do a bit more than this
guy: so what time you are going to sleep?
gal: not sure, probably a bit later.
guy: ok, but not too late, not good for health. i will be heart pain one hor...
gal (feeling loved): ok lah...
guy: i love you the most!
(even if eyes are shutting also must remember to say this impt words, else all effort wasted)
gal: i loved you too, have a good rest! (happy till can float liao)
guy: ehmm...
gal hang up the phone. in the end, 11.10pm. guy sleep peacefully, and probably a morning call from gal the next day...

conclusion 1: female wants feeling and care. most of the time, female's logic cannot be figure out with a reasoning mind.

conclusion 2: say a few more touching words, concerning lines, will save you more than ½hr of precious time

conclusion 3: when encounter the above situation, must always let the gal hang up the phone first. else it will be disastrous...

conclusion 4: if your gf isn't like the one in the example, then congrats to u! treasure her! but if otherwise, dun accuse her of being
unreasonable. what she wants is very simple..


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