Selasa, 10 Mei 2005


Ladies Nite.
Babe, Monday is not suitable to be Ladies Night ok? But why I care about what night anywhere? So, four of us, me, Nett, Daun & Syida decide to hanging out at Shah Alam. Why Shah Alam? Don’t know. The suggestion just came out from Nett’s message. I didn’t mind about the place as long as there would be just four of us. We tour around shah alam just to find suitable place to eat. We eat, talk and joke and talking again. After dinner, we were going to Shah Alam Lake and we were hanging there till 10:30pm. We were talking, and talking and talking and laughing and so many and. So many stories to tell and so many taught to share. I really appreciate this moment. But I know the moment like this won’t last. When the time comes, this moment just be as one of our sweet memories. But guys, you are really good friend of mine. :-) Love all of you.


Do you like it when guys...
[x] Give you gifts?
[x] Sneak up behind u n just hold u?
[ ] Tell their friends all about you?
[x] Buy you flowers?
[x] Take you to the movies?
[x] Open doors for you?
[ ] Invite you to be with their family?
[ ] Hold u in their arms as long as they can?
[x] Hold your hand?
[x] Make the first move?
[x] Do random corny romantic things?
[ ] Get jealous?
[x] Smile at you and say "it's just because yu're beautiful"?
[x] Give you compliments?-h*ll yea.. haha
[ ] Write you a poem?
[ ] Find cute way to ask u to go places?
[x] Give you a hug?
[ ] Beg you to do something you already don't want to do?
[x] Ask u if you're comfortable doing something?
[x] Look into your eyes?
[x] Call you?
[ ] Jokingly wrestle you?
[x] Make you laugh?
[ ] Write you a song?
[x] Say they love you?
[ ] Act differently with u in front of their friends?
[x] Kiss your forehead?
[x] Wrap their arms around your waist?
[x] Play with your hair?
[x] Ask you to a dance ?
[x] pay for you, especially on a date
[x] Kiss you when you least expect it.
[ ] Over react for stupid things that happen
[ ] Bring up the pas


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