Rabu, 6 April 2005

Respect Please!

Lots of guy I’ve met doesn’t respect woman appropriately. This morning, after breakfast I’ve been walking to ATM and have a chit-chat with my friends. We’ve pass over a bunch of old man which wearing guard uniform, and then they teasing us. We’re talking about the skirt that my friend just brought yesterday and then that old man intrude like, we said something about “cantik” then he said “memang cantik pun” Which is, me and my friend doesn’t ask for their opinion~ I just like, what the hell orang tua ni cakap? I gave him one sharp fierce glance to shut his mouth up.

After withdrawal, we HAVE to pass them again, and then their eyes never stop looking at every step of us, up-and-down like we were walking naked! Owh! I really hate this kind of man. They doesn’t respect woman at all. Why don’t they look us like we were their children? Doesn’t their get angry when found out that his daughter or wife or sister been irritated like that by other guys?

Other then that, I really disgusted with guys whose making joke or teased certain part of woman’s body. It really shows that they never respect woman at all. When he making jokes or teasing about that, doesn’t he realize that he talking or teasing the same part of his mother or sister’s body? Respect woman. Don’t making fun of her. What do you think? Woman’s body is something you can make fun of it? Don’t you have any dishonor? You guys are so ignoble!

So, please RESPECT woman, because if their might not your mother, sister, daughter or wife, but there are somebody else’s mother, sister, daughter or wife.


"Orang yang banyak dugaan, orang itu yang paling Tuhan sayang."

Aku bagi kata-kata ini pada Sera. Terlalu banyak dugaan yang dia hadapi. Aku tak tahu bagaimana dia boleh setabah itu. Kalau aku, (kalau, aku bilang kalau) dah lama kawan-kawan satu group utk projek video clip tu kena sembur dengan aku. Kena bertegas, kalau tidak nanti orang pijak kepala kita, ambil kesempatan atas kelemahan kita. Sera memang tabah.


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